“Place your bet!” loud voices echoed as I imagined myself inside a casino. “Bet on it!” people would say. I could imagine the poker-faced gamblers, the rich and the middle-class men, the loud screams, laughs, and grunts as people wage their money to win the pot money or whatever is in the stake.

I always imagine casinos to be extravagant. With all the videos and gambling movies I have watched wherein people are in casinos, it always amazes me how they are designed. In addition, what amuses me most is the people. They seem to enjoy and to never want to leave the place despite the fact that they are losing.

As I looked back on all the times I “gambled,” I have realized that even there’s a level of uncertainty, I would always “gamble” my way to reach and get my goal. In relation to casino gamblers wherein money is at stake, I realized that the desperation to win is much greater than the level of uncertainty in each game.

As people win, they would want to play again in order for them to win and get more than what they already have. When people lose, they would want to regain what they have lost through playing again until they win. As it is a game of chance, it became a cycle of winning and losing and never wanting it to end. Desperation becomes the gamblers. They don’t think of all the money they are losing not unless they win what’s at stake.

Gambling has its own way in deceiving people. They deceive people by using and highlighting what’s at stake. As for gamblers, they become addicted to it since they want to win the prize. No matter how much they lose, they would gamble as long as they would win. They tend to leave everything behind – family, work or education, and personal life so long as they would win.

Now, if I may ask you, are you ready to leave everything behind, become addicted to gambling, and lose everything at once? If you don’t want it to happen to you, keep this in mind, everything is okay so long as you can still control yourself and it is still in moderation. If not, then, you might want to step back and think of all the things you are losing and you are going to lose.

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